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publishes books that explore gay sexuality in intimate and honest ways.


Photo by Casey Hannan

Best Queer Writing: Monday, September 29th Edition

Best Queer Writing, a new semi-regular feature highlighting the best queer writing on the web. Have a recommendation? Hit me up on Twitter @johnnymurdoc. Tattoo Reasons Casey Hannan explores tattoos as a way of finding meaning in this beautiful essay. “What do they mean?” I’ve answered. And answered. And answered. “My tattoos don’t mean anything.” […]

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Stay Hard Print

Alternately an erotic twist of phrase and an inspirational push “Stay hard” has long been Johnny Murdoc’s motto, and represents Queer Young Cowboys dedication to publishing projects that don’t shy away from sexual experiences. Featuring a photo by Johnny Murdoc of Sam, the “Stay Hard” print is 5.5″ x 8.5″ on a textured, linen cardstock, […]

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Tank top!

While book design is my first love, I have a special place in my heart for streetwear as well, especially tank tops and snapbacks. It only made sense that I would drift into tank top design next, so I’m happy to introduce the Queer Young Cowboys 2014 tank top. Designed by Johnny Murdoc and printed […]


Independent’s Day Sale

Today is Independence Day in the USA, a simplistic celebration of a problematic, fucked up nation. While I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the (mostly) free speech afforded to us by our Constitution, I’d rather celebrate independents. So here’s to all the writers and artists and rebels and rogues who don’t wait to […]

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GAYLETTER interviews Ben Kline

GAYLETTER.com: Over the course of eighty poems, Ohio-native Kline offers readers a candid look at sex and love, detailing intense erotic encounters and damaging break-ups with matching elegance. GAYLETTER.com interviews Ben Kline about his new book, Going Fast in Loose Directions (available now in the store!). Most of Going Fast in Loose Directions focuses on erotic content while […]


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Is a "sit on the porch swing and question everything" kind of night.
Could you, perchance, tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing right now?
Hanging out at the InkSpot while I wait for #stlspex2014 maps!