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It seems crazy that I only published two books this year, but I could not be more proud of them. Much love to @_dbk_ and Georgina Li for trusting me with their work. The two books could not be more different, but each perfectly represents the idea behind Queer Young Cowboys: honest and intimate explorations of gay sexuality, with a focus on language and storytelling that surpasses genre and marketing labels.johnnymurdoc 21 4Sending out books like a real publisher. #smallpress #queeryoungcowboysjohnnymurdoc 5 0Waiting.johnnymurdoc 6 0Thanks to Steven Pinker, I now know that I don’t understand sentence diagramming any better now than I did in school.johnnymurdoc 6 0Don’t look.johnnymurdoc 30 1This year’s calendar was minimalist. Next year’s is practically useless and filled with pictures of hot guys in terrible, terrible underwear, courtesy of my husband. We’ll see how long it stays up without artistic adornments.johnnymurdoc 12 0A good haul from the library: gay poetry, gay history, and an overview of the work of one of my favorite book designers.johnnymurdoc 5 0Unfinished south = soul. #southcity #stl #graffitijohnnymurdoc 11 1An interior spread from De Kwok’s zine, Tight.johnnymurdoc 10 2Check out this rad zine surprise I found in my mailbox! De Kwok sent me this quirky, human collection of photographs and a handful of buttons. Thanks! Check out his work at dekwok.comjohnnymurdoc 10 1