Independent’s Day Sale

Celebrate independent artists!

Queer Young Cowboys

publishes books that explore gay sexuality in intimate and honest ways.



Independent’s Day Sale

Today is Independence Day in the USA, a simplistic celebration of a problematic, fucked up nation. While I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the (mostly) free speech afforded to us by our Constitution, I’d rather celebrate independents. So here’s to all the writers and artists and rebels and rogues who don’t wait to […]

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GAYLETTER interviews Ben Kline Over the course of eighty poems, Ohio-native Kline offers readers a candid look at sex and love, detailing intense erotic encounters and damaging break-ups with matching elegance. interviews Ben Kline about his new book, Going Fast in Loose Directions (available now in the store!).Most of Going Fast in Loose Directions focuses on erotic content while still […]


Books Out in the World

It’s always great to see when books that I’ve published have started to show up in places that aren’t my office or my mind: Instagram user coffeecrook posted this beautiful shot of his copy: and author Ben Kline got so excited that he couldn’t keep his clothes on*: *pure speculation hindered by the fact that […]


Modesty and Chastity are required before all else.

I picked up a couple of new type books recently. A lot of my type experience has been intuiting things from design I appreciate, and now I’m trying to round out my education with real technical and theoretical reading. Last night I cracked open Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton, and nearly lost my shit […]


Ben Kline – Bodies Undiscovered

I’ve had one of Ben Kline‘s poems on my wall, right above my computer, since the day I first read his work. The guys at Headmaster Magazine tagged Kline to continue the Headmaster’s story that spawned first from a video they created and then a short story they commissioned me to write. I’ve loved Kline’s […]