The first time I read a Natty Soltesz story, I almost clicked away simply because of the word “Bacteriaburger.” I remember this being long, long ago, when my family very first got internet access. Yes, I’m old enough to remember when we first connected; it wasn’t something that was always there. That being said, I’m […]


This is the Ritual

Halloween is far and away my favorite holiday. From all of the posts and new art by amazing people, I dare say I’m not alone in this. “This is the Ritual” is my Halloween gift to you. A brand new short story, written in a fever just yesterday. It might be a little raw, but […]


Why Fang Slut?

“Fang Slut,” Christopher Zeischegg’s new short story featuring characters from┬áCome to My Brother, is an interesting beast. For readers of Zeischegg’s novel, it works as a “lost chapter,” another (fairly saucy) glimpse into David and Daniel’s lives. More importantly, I hope that it acts as a taste, a tease, for people who are considering Come […]


Honest and intimate?

Honesty is what I look for in fiction. “Stories may well be lies, but they are good lies that say true things…” – Neil Gaiman. I want fiction to break my heart. I don’t mean that it has to be tragic or sad. Just that I have to find humanity in the words. Genre doesn’t […]

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Buy it in print, get it in digital for free

Starting immediately, any purchase of a print book from the Queer Young Cowboys store will be bundled with a free ebook edition. I’ve built Queer Young Cowboys so that it’s as fair to writers and creators as possible, and I’d like to do the same for readers. I’ve always been DRM-free, but this is one […]